From Charlie's CQ Room



  • SX- 24 Sky Rider Defiant Receiver
  • SX - 25 Super Defiant Receiver
  • PM - 23 Speaker
  • S - 38 Receiver
  • S - 38 B Receiver
  • S - 38 C Receiver
  • S - 38 E and EB Receivers
  • R - 42 Speaker
  • SX - 42 Receiver
  • R - 44 Speaker
  • SX - 71 Receiver
  • R - 46 Speaker
  • SX - 73 Receiver
  • SX - 100 Mark 1A
  • R - 47 Speaker
  • R - 48 Speaker
  • HT- 37 Transmitter
  • SX - 110 Receiver
  • HA - 20 VFO
  • PS - 500A-AC Power Supply
  • SR - 400 A Cyclone III
  • WWII BC-610 I Transmitter
  • WWII R45/ARR7 Receiver

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