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RR-1 Marine Receiver        Inside view of RR-1 Marine Receiver      

Inside view of RR-1 Marine Receiver       

The Drake RR-1 Marine Receiver is a commercial grade communications receiver which employs the most up-to-date (for its time - made 1971-1977) solid state devices and circuitry and offers complete marine band coverage from 150 kHz to 30 MHz. The received frequency is indicated by a two-speed dia1 that has accurate calibrations every 1 kHz. Modular construction on easily accessible printed circuit boards is used throughout the RR- 1. The use of dual gate MOS-FET transistors in the RR-1 circuitry contributes to its superior intermodulation, AGC, wide, dynamic range and overload performance. The front panel controls allow the operator to select frequency, AM, CW, LSB and USB reception. Other controls include AF and RF gain, accessory crystals, range (band switch), preselector tuning, AC or DC power, AGC on and off, and an antenna input attenuator.

The RR-1 is basically an SPR-4 that has been optimized, rack mounted and fitted with crystals to serve the marine user.  Osterman states that it is very scarce.

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