COLLINS SM-1, SM-2 & SM-3 Microphones
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The Collins SM-1 desk top microphone is a high impedance, nonmetallic dynamic mike with a frequency reponse from 100-3500 cycles per second. It has an output level of -53 db.  Finished in brushed satin chrome, this compact microphone is equipped with a rubber islolated stand and a five-foot length Koiled Kord.  It can be adjusted for various operating positions.

The Collins SM-2 microphone is a slender, gray and chrome desk-top unit which blends perfectly with Collins' other station equipment.  The SM-2 is omnidirectional and provides excellent transmission for the amateur operator.  The frequency response of the SM-2, 200-3000 cycles, matches that of the S/Line and KWM-2.  The SM-2 has an output level of -53 db and is equipped with a five-foot length of Koiled Kord and plug.  It is mounted on a rubber islolated stand.  A swivel permits a 60 degree swing for position adjustment.

The Collins SM-3 desk top microphone has the same features as the SM-2, except it has a push-to-talk switch built into the rubber-isolated base.  It also has a little different look.  

Information from Collins Amateur Radio Equipment Catalog No. 32 &
Collins Amateur Equipment catalog 20M-CR-12-75

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