Military Collins 51S-1/LTV G133H Rcvr  & G-186A Panaramic Spectrum Display  

REAL RADIOS GLOW IN THE DARK...even some that are solid state. The LTV G133H is the military version of the Collins 51S-1 receiver. The United States Air Force contracted with LTV Electrosystems Inc. to augment the Collins 51S-1 receiver for military use. It has heavy shielding to withstand a nuclear electromagnetic pulse. Although the front panel looks different, the knob arrangement is basically the same as the 51S-1, but the knobs are all different shapes and various colors. This reportedly was to aid the operator to control the radio if blinded by a nuclear blast. One interesting aspect of this radio is that the lettering above the controls is backlit so that it shows in the dark. Some of pictures are with the lights dimmed in the shack to show the lighted display of the lettering on the panel. This is a very hard to find radio. Actually, this is the only one I have ever seen that is the "H" model. Most of the ones manufactured were the "F" model. Osterman describes this receiver as "Very Scarce" in his book Shortwave Receivers Past and Present.

This receiver is in outstanding condition. As you can see from the pictures, it shows very little use. This receiver is all original and has not been restored or modified. Most of the tubes are the original military grade tubes. The front panel is almost perfect, the knobs are all original, the meter and the frequency dials are clear and white. The receiver does an exceptional job tuning in AM and SSB signals with its Collins mechanical filters. It is basically a 51S-1 in terms of specifications with a few added features for the military. The receiver operates from 120 volts. The serial number is 22XXX and the mfg code is 05395. There is a LTV sticker on top of the cabinet dated April 25, 1968.

LTV made a matching G-186A Panaramic Spectrum Display for this receiver. The G-186A Panaramic Spectrum Display is an unusual and rare matching accessory for the Collins 51S-1/LTV G133 HF receiver. It was manufactured for the United States Air Force by LTV Electrosystems Inc. as a matching accessory for the G133F/H shortwave communication receivers. This is a completely solid state unit except for the CRT. The serial number of this unit is 10XXX and the mfg code is 05395. Controls include a sweep width of 25 kc, 50 kc, 100 kc and 300 kc, center frequency control, gain control, marker switch, horizontal and vertical position, intensity and focus control. Connection of this radio to the 51S-1/G133 receiver is completed by a single cable connecting the IF Out of the receiver to the IF In of the Spectrum Display. This unit operates from 120 volts AC. Operation is pretty straight forward and works well with my G133H receiver.

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G133H Receiver & G-186A Panaramic Spectrum Display      Front of G-186A panaramic spectrum display      Front of G133H receiver

G133H receiver glowing in the dark      Inside view of G133H receiver      Back of G133H receiver

Front of G-186A Spectrum Display      Back of G-186A Spectrum Display      Inside top of G-186A Spectrum Display

 Front of G-186A Spectrum Display Glowing in the Dark     G-186A Spectrum Display Glowing in the Dark