The AN/ARC-5 series of "Command Set" radios is an updated version of the ATA/ARA and SCR-274N radios. They were used by the US Navy during the latter part of World War II (and even after the war) and were their main aircraft communication radios. The AN/ARC-5 was fitted in many different bomber and fighter aircraft for the purpose of communicating between aircraft, navigation, and back to base. A fighter plane would usually be fitted with 1 receiver and 1 transmitter. A bomber would often be fitted with 3 receivers and 3 transmitters. Power for the transmitters came from the MD-7 modulator which also has a DY-8 dynamotor to generate the high voltage.

This is a like-new unmodified T-21/ARC-5 transmitter. It is the model #9311 manufactured by Stromberg Carlson for the U.S. Navy for use during WWII. It covers 5.3 - 7 Mhz. This transmitter was purchased new by the original owner in the early 1950s and then stored practically untouched until I purchased it from him.

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Top View of ARC-5 Transmitter      Front View of ARC-5 Transmitter      Back View of ARC-5 Transmitter

Open top of ARC-5 Transmitter      Top View of ARC-5 Transmitter


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