WE Collins 75S-2 Receiver     

This receiver is a rare find. It is the Collins 75S-2 receiver with the additional fourteen 200kc bands and switching and crystal bank features like those on the 75S-3C. Very few of these receivers were made from 1958 to 1961 during the production of the 75S-1s. There were modification kits available during this time to convert 75S-1s to 75S-2s. This receiver is one of the original Factory 75S-2s as indicated by the solid white band markings on the pre-selector control and the serial number plate. These Factory 75S-2s were sold to government and commercial users. Not many Factory 75S-2s were originally purchased by amateur radio operators. The frequency crystals and the BFO crystals are stamped early 1960, indicating that this is a fairly late production unit. Although some of the 75S-1s had CW filters installed at the factory, this receiver does not have the CW filter installed nor is there any indication that one was ever installed.

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Front of 75S-2      Back of 75S-2      Top Inside of 75S-2

Inside Bottom of 75S-2      Inside top of 75S-2