WE Collins 75S-3B Receiver     

This Collins 75S-3B receiver is a late winged emblem receiver, serial number 17XXX. It incorporates the later improvements that were provided in the round emblem receivers, including T-9, the filter cover on the top chassis and the cover on the bottom chassis. I purchased it from the original owner. He purchased it in February 1967. This receiver has the SSB filter and has room to plug in 3 additional filters.

The 75S-3B receiver can be combined with the 32S-3 transmitter and 312B-4 station control to make a completely integrated station.  The 75S-3B, when used with the 32S-3, is capable of transceiver-type operation with the receiver PTO controlling the transmitting frequency. The 75S-3B can also be used conveniently with the Collins KWS-1, as well as the Collins KWM-1 or KWM-2 Transceiver.

Other features include:
  • Rejection Tuning
  • Variable BFO
  • Optional 500, 800, or 1500 cps Mechanical Filter offers sharp selectivity for CW.  An optional 200 cps crystal filter is also available
  • 2.1 KC Mechanical Filter for sharp skirt selectivity and optimum passband for SSB.  It reduces background noise.  It can also be used for CW and RTTY.
  • Zener Regulated Oscillators
  • AGC Control Knob
  • Concentric RF and Audio Gain Control
  • Audio Output of 3.0
Information from the Collins Amateur Radio Equipment Catalog NO. 32

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Front of 75S-3B      Back of 75S-3B      Top Inside of 75S-3B

Inside Bottom of 75S-3B